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Born in Newmarket in 1987, Mark took up drums at the age of 13.

I’d always wanted to play drums. I originally started learning in the hope of forming a band with a schoolmate of mine who played guitar. We used to rehearse in his garage, until the neighbours threatened to notify the Environmental Health Agency about the noise!

Early influences include John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Stewart Copeland of The Police.

The first time I heard Led Zeppelin, I was blown away by the power and energy that Bonham brought to the band’s sound. With Copeland, the thing that stands out is his unorthodox style and time signatures.

What do you enjoy most about playing in The Routine?

I think for me, it’s playing a gig to a full house and seeing everyone enjoying themselves and getting involved with our music.

Any memorable/horrible moments from your musical career?

During a live performance, my snare decided to suddenly fold in on itself, meaning I had to basically balance it on my lap for half the song.

Random fact about yourself?

I use the same snare drum as John Bonham of Led Zeppelin -  a Ludwig Supraphonic 14inch x 6½ 402.

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